Angel Muriel was born in Cáceres, Spain in 1948.
He study in The Municipal School of Fine Arts of Caceres.
Central School of Applied (Worker) Arts and Crafts (offices) of Madrid.
He lives and works in Madrid.


2012: "Although the light turns off Art Gallery" Plastiké 2003. Gallery Cristian Franco. Spain.
2003 Gallery Detursa Madrid. Spain.
1995 Palace of Benecazón. Toledo. Spain.
1994 Gallery Francisco Torralba. Tarrasa (Barcelona). Spain.
1979 "Canning House" London .. United Kingdom.
1978 Palace of Benacazón. Toledo.Spain.
1977: Circle of Arts Lugo. Spain.
1977 Gallery Kreisler. Madrid. Spain.
1976 scenery and cupboard "Punishment without revenge" by Lope de Vega. Spain.
1975: Room d'Art Piquio. Santander. Spain.
1975 : Gallery The David. Madrid. Spain.
1974: Gallery Baroque. Madrid. Spain.
1973: Room to Excellency County Board of Caceres. Spain.
1978 Art Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
1968: Room to Excellency County Council Caceres ,Spain.



Museum d'art contemporain to Cáceres .Spain.
Museum of Santillana Foundation, Santander. Spain.
International Museum of Contemporary Art ,Lanzarote.Spain.
Museum of Eton College. Eton , United Kingdom.
Museum Foundation "Florencio de la Fuente". Huete.Cuenca. Spain.
Museum Foundation "Florencio de la Fuente". Requena, Valencia.Spain.

2011:XX contest of Drawing Gregorio Prieto.Valdepeñas.Royal City.
2007:Prize Penagos to Drawing .XXV Convocatory.Fundation Mapfre.Madrid.
2005:Prize Darwings Penagos .XXIII Convocatory.Fundatiion Mapfre.Madrid.
2003:Prize of Drawings Penagos XXI Convocatory.Fundation Mapfre.Madrid.
1998: National Contest of Painting "Adolfo Lozano Sidro".Priego de Cordoba.Cordoba.Spain.
1995:Prize International competition .Fundation Barcelo.Palma of Mallorca,Spain.
1994:Prize Drawing Penagos ..XII Convocatory .Fundation Mapfre.Madrid.Spain.
1985:Prize Goya of Painting Exmo. Ayuntamiento de Madrid.Spain.
1984.First Prize IX Biennale Extremeño of painting.
Foundation "El Brocense " Caceres .
1983.Second Prize.XXXVIII Painting Exhibition City Linares.Jaén .
1983:First Prize of Painting Excma.Deputation of Sevilla.Spain.
1983:First Biennal "Gran Duque de Alba".Avila.Spain.
1983:Second Prize XXXVIII Exposition "City of Linares".Jaen.Spain.
1982 :International Prize Colon of Painting of the Union Ibero-American Capital Cities
1981:Competitions of tapestry cartoons ,Royal tapestry factory ..Madrid.Spain.
1981::VII Competition of Painting. Almeria City.Spain.
1981 First prize for painting " Daniel Vázquez Díaz " Huelva. .
Prize Provincial Council Cáceres.VIII biennial painting cultural Extremeña.Institution Pedro de Valencia.Badajoz .
1980:First Prize of painting of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Madrid.Spain.
1980:Prize of Painting ,Caceres .Deputation Provincial of Caceres.
1980:Prize of painting, Valladolid . Savings Bank Provincial to Valladolid.
1980.Second prize painting.VII certamen National City painting Almería .
1979:Prize Iberoamerican of painting "Daniel Vazquez Diaz".Huelva.Spain.
1979:Competitions of Painting Black and White.VI Convocatory..
1978:Prize of painting "Countess of Barcelona". Madrid.Spain.
1978: Competitions of paintings Black and White .V Convocatory..
1978 Prize Zurbarán painting.VII Biennial Extremadura painting.
1977: Competition of painting Black and White..IV Convocatory.
1976: First prize at the Room to Printemps de Cáceres.
1969 . First prize drawing XII contest provincial art Huesca.
. First prize for painting contest XII Provincial Art in Pamplona .
Gold Medal of the XII National Art Certamen Juvenil Malaga.
1968.First Prize paint for the " H: H: T: T" Cáceres.
1968.First Prize drawing at Ateneo Popular Culture " Ortega y Gasset ." Cáceres.



2008:Art in Extremadura and Collecting to century XX.Palace to the Island .Caceres.Spain.
2007:"Reencuentros" Gallery Baculo.Madrid,Spain.
2003:"Kalima" Gallery Detursa.Madrid,Spain.
2002:"Foro Sur".Gallery Christian Franco.Caceres.Spain.
2002:"Caprichos".Gallery Detursa.Madrid,Spain.
2002/2007:"Otras Meninas". Traveling Exhibition .Fundation Women Together.Fundatiion Telephonic.Room Kursaal.Caja de Granada.Museum of Modern Art to Almeria.Room of Cultur Caixa Galicia.Room of Exhibitions to Principalship of the University of Malaga.C:C.Cajastur Palace to Revillagigedo of Gijon.Reales Alcazares de Sevilla.Spain.
2006:International Fair of Art "Art Innsbruck".Gallery Gaudi..Madrid,Spain.
2004:International Fair of Art "Arte Padova".Padova,Italia.
1984:IX Biennal of P ainting Extremeña..(of Extremadura,Spain)
1980:VIII Biennal International of Art .Illustrious. literary Cabinet of las Palmas de Gran Canaria.Spain.
1980: VIII Biennal of painting . Extremeña..(of Extremadura,Spain)
1978: VII Biennal of painting Extremeña..(of Extremadura,Spain)
1974: Biennal de Bruselas.Belgium.
1973: Commemorative Exhibition to the fiftieth anniversary of veterinary ..Madrid.Spain.
1970: III Biennal of painting Extremeña.(of Extremadura,Spain)